Job 20–21

1 Then Zophar the Naamathite answered:

2 “Therefore my thoughts cause me to answer,

and for this I make haste.

3 I have heard the rebuke that disgraces me,

and the spirit of my understanding causes me to answer.

4 “Do you not know this of old,

since man was placed upon earth,

5 that the triumphing of the wicked is short,

and the joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment?

6 Though his loftiness extends to the heavens,

and his head reaches to the clouds,

7 yet he will perish forever like his own excrement;

those who have seen him will say, ‘Where is he?’

8 He will fly away like a dream and will not be found;

yes, he will be chased away as a vision of the night.

9 The eye that saw him will see him no more;

nor will his place behold him anymore.

10 His children will seek favor from the poor,

and his hands will give back his wealth.

11 His bones are full of his youthful vigor,

but it will lie down with him in the dust.

12 “Though evil is sweet in his mouth,

and he hides it under his tongue,

13 though he spares it and does not forsake it,

but keeps it in his mouth,

14 yet his food in his stomach turns sour;

it becomes the venom of cobras within him.

15 He has swallowed down riches,

and he will vomit them up again;

God will cast them out of his belly.

16 He will suck the poison of cobras;

the viper’s tongue will slay him.

17 He will not see the streams, the rivers,

the brooks of honey and butter.

18 He will give back the produce of labor and will not swallow it down.

According to his wealth the restitution will be, and he will not rejoice in it;

19 because he has oppressed and has forsaken the poor.

He has violently taken away a house that he did not build.

20 “Because he knows no quietness in his belly,

he will not save anything he desired.

21 Nothing is left for him to eat;

therefore his prosperity will not endure.

22 In his self-sufficiency he will be in distress;

every hand of misery will come upon him.

23 When he is about to fill his belly,

God will cast the fury of His wrath on him

and will rain it on him while he is eating.

24 He will flee from the iron weapon;

a bronze bow will pierce him through.

25 It is drawn and comes out of the body;

yes, the glittering point comes out of his gall.

Terrors are upon him.

26 Total darkness is stored up for his treasures.

An unfanned fire will consume him;

what is left in his tent will be consumed.

27 The heavens will reveal his iniquity,

and the earth will rise up against him.

28 The increase of his house will depart,

and his goods will flow away in the day of His wrath.

29 This is the wicked man’s portion from God,

and the inheritance appointed to him by God.”

Chapter 21

1 But Job answered:

2 “Listen carefully to my speech,

and let this be your consolation.

3 Bear with me that I may speak,

and after I have spoken, mock on.

4 “As for me, is my complaint against man?

And if it were so, why should not my spirit be troubled?

5 Look at me and be astonished,

and put your hand over your mouth.

6 Even when I remember I am afraid,

and trembling takes hold of my body.

7 Why do the wicked live and become old;

yes, become mighty in power?

8 Their descendants are established with them in their sight,

and their offspring before their eyes.

9 Their houses are safe from fear,

nor is the rod of God upon them.

10 Their bull breeds without failure;

their cow gives calves without miscarriage.

11 They send forth their little ones like a flock,

and their children dance.

12 They take up the tambourine and harp

and rejoice at the sound of the flute.

13 They spend their days in wealth,

and in a moment go down to Sheol.

14 Therefore they say to God, ‘Depart from us,

for we do not desire the knowledge of Your ways.

15 Who is the Almighty, that we should serve Him?

And what profit do we have if we pray to Him?’

16 Indeed, their prosperity is not in their hand.

The counsel of the wicked is far from me.

17 “How often is the lamp of the wicked put out?

How often does their destruction come upon them,

the sorrows God distributes in His anger?

18 They are like straw before the wind,

and like chaff that a storm carries away.

19 God stores up their iniquity for their children;

let Him reward the people themselves, and they will know it.

20 Let their eyes see their own destruction,

and let them drink of the wrath of the Almighty.

21 For what do they care about their households after them,

when the number of their months is cut off?

22 “Can anyone teach God knowledge,

since He judges those who are on high?

23 One dies in his full strength,

being wholly at ease and secure.

24 His pails are full of milk,

and the marrow of his bones is moist.

25 Another dies in the bitterness of his soul,

never having eaten with pleasure.

26 They will lie down alike in the dust,

and worms will cover them.

27 “Behold, I know your thoughts,

and the schemes with which you would wrong me.

28 For you say, ‘Where is the house of the prince?

And where are the dwelling places of the wicked?’

29 Have you not asked them who travel the road?

And do you not know their signs?

30 For the wicked are reserved for the day of destruction;

they will be brought forth on the day of wrath.

31 Who will declare his way to his face?

And who will repay him for what he has done?

32 Yet will he be brought to the grave

and will remain in the tomb.

33 The clods of the valley will be sweet unto him;

and everyone will follow him,

as countless have gone before.

34 “How then can you comfort me with emptiness,

since deceit remains in your answers?”

Acts 10:24–48

24 And the next day they entered Caesarea. Cornelius was waiting for them and had called together his relatives and close friends. 25 As Peter entered the house, Cornelius met him and fell down at his feet and worshipped him. 26 But Peter lifted him up, saying, “Stand up. I myself am a man.”

27 As he talked with him, he went in and found many who had come together. 28 He said to them, “You know how unlawful it is for a Jew to visit or approach a foreigner. But God has shown me not to call any man common or unclean. 29 So when I was sent for, I came without question. Therefore I ask why you have sent for me.”

30 Cornelius said, “Four days ago I was fasting until this hour. At the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and suddenly a man stood before me in bright clothing, 31 and said, ‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard, and your alms are remembered before God. 32 Therefore send to Joppa for Simon, whose surname is Peter. He is lodging in the house of Simon, a tanner, by the sea. When he comes, he will speak to you.’ 33 So immediately I sent for you, and you have done well to come. Now therefore we are all here, present before God, to hear everything the Lord has commanded you.”

34 Then Peter began to speak, saying, “Truthfully, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. 35 But in every nation he who fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him. 36 The word which He sent to the children of Israel, preaching peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all, 37 the word, which you know, that was proclaimed throughout all Judea, beginning from Galilee after the baptism which John preached: 38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

39 “We are witnesses of all that He did both in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem, whom they killed by hanging on a tree. 40 But God raised Him on the third day and presented Him publicly, 41 not to all the people, but to witnesses previously chosen by God, to us who ate and drank with Him after He rose from the dead. 42 He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that it is He who was ordained by God to be the Judge of the living and the dead. 43 To Him all the prophets bear witness that whoever believes in Him will receive remission of sins through His name.”

44 While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell on all those who heard the word. 45 All the believers of the circumcision who had come with Peter were astonished, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles. 46 For they heard them speaking in other tongues and magnifying God.

Then Peter continued, 47 “Can anyone forbid water for baptizing these, who have received the Holy Spirit as we have?” 48 So he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then they asked him to stay a few days.